Metro Boomin Gets Clowned Into Oblivion For Celebrating Private Twitter Likes

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Fans want to know what Metro Boomin's hiding.

Recently, Twitter/X announced that moving forward, all likes on the platform will be kept private. This means that now, the only users who will be able to see if someone likes a post will be its author and the user who liked it. The platform says the change was made in order to "better protect your privacy," and to boost engagement as users can now freely like the content they want to see more of without fear of other users knowing what they're up to. The change has prompted mixed reactions so far, with most agreeing that it will make the user experience worse. Others, like Metro Boomin, couldn't be happier.

The producer shared his take on the update with his followers on the platform earlier today. "Likes finally private," he wrote alongside a series of fire emojis. Clearly, he can't wait to take full advantage of his newfound privacy. As a result, however, fans are now hounding him with questions and jokes about what he could be trying to hide.

Metro Boomin Shares His Excitement With Fans

"Tf you plottin?" one Twitter user wonders in his comments section. Another asks, "Why are you happy about it?" Of course, Twitter's latest change comes only days after the platform announced that pornographic content will be officially permitted under its updated policy.

Now, users are in the clear to post what they want so long as it's "properly labeled and not prominently displayed." Plenty of fans also think this could have something to do with Metro Boomin's enthusiasm. This is unconfirmed, though some have already dubbed him "Freaky Boomin."

Social Media Users Wonder What Metro Boomin's Hiding

What do you think of Twitter's latest update? Do you prefer likes to be hidden, or do you wish they would be made public again? What about Metro Boomin revealing his excitement earlier today? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates. Check out some social media users' reactions to Metro Boomin' enthusiasm down below.

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