Tyler Perry To Back Eric Andre's Atlanta Airport Discrimination Lawsuit

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Tyler Perry is fighting against discrimination at his home town airport.

Tyler Perry is fed up with the police at his local airport. The media mogul is accusing them of racial profiling. Perry alleges that they stop Black people disproportionately after they have already passed TSA. The movie and television mogul shared his thoughts in an opinion piece published on Thursday in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Additionally, Eric Andre and another entertainer sued in 2022, claiming they had been stopped at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. The lawsuit and Perry's outrage show a common pattern that people want to be addressed at the Atlanta airport.

In the article, Perry analyzes the arguments put forth by Eric André and Clayton English. The two comedians claim they were arbitrarily stopped in 2021 in 2021 as they were about to board different flights that would take place months apart. Perry presents some data from the men's lawyer, Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, before accusing these cops of approaching Eric and Clayton due to their skin tone. According to Tyler, Black individuals make up just 8% of domestic travelers at the airport. That means that Black people make up a wildly disproportionate majority of the passengers stopped by Clayton County police—a staggering 56%.

Tyler Perry Backs Eric Andre In Atlanta Airport Lawsuit

Perry is also accusing the police of engaging in civil asset forfeiture, stating that they have been taking possession of items, including cash, that they think may have been connected to criminal activity and that this practice is a means for the police to enrich themselves. Here, Tyler Perry criticizes the department. He claims that each claim of racial discrimination is a betrayal of the group's dignity and a "broken promise."

Eric André claimed the incident shortly after he said it occurred because he started telling the story as soon as he got off the plane while speaking with the LA photographer. Eric's version of events was refuted by Clayton County, which described it as a "consensual encounter." Overall, Tyler Perry is a powerful figure in Atlanta, owning a huge production studio in the city. If he is speaking out, something will probably change for the better. All in all, we will be sure to update you on Eric Andre's lawsuit. As well as Tyler Perry's strong response to the Atlanta Police Department.


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