Hunxho Falls Back On New Single "Closer To Over"

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Hunxho Closer To Over Cover ArtHunxho Closer To Over Cover Art
Hunxho has two new albums on the way.

It's been a minute since fans have heard a full-length album from Hunxho, but luckily, he plans to deliver all the new music they could hope for this year. Last week, he unleashed his new track "Closer To Over," following up a collaboration with Summer Walker, as well as a few solo singles. According to him, there's much more to come.

Hunxho wears his heart on his sleeve in his latest release, lamenting a lack of attention from a romantic partner and considering leaving for good. The track details his journey to deciding when to let go, featuring a melancholy beat and emotional lyrics.

Hunxho Unleashes Emotional Track Ahead Of New Albums

So far, fans are loving the new track, and finding the performer's heartfelt lyrics all too relatable. It's safe to say they can't wait to hear more, and fortunately, they shouldn't have to wait too much longer. "I usually drop 4-5 projects a year, I ain’t drop yet this year, giving y’all 2 Albums to make up for dat," Hunxho wrote on Twitter/X today.

Making new music isn't the only thing Hunxho's been up to as of late, however. He's currently making his way around the U.S. on The One Night Only Tour. He's scheduled to wrap up the tour in June of this year after making stops in notable cities like Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, NYC, and many more. What do you think of Hunxho's new single? Will you be adding "Closer To Over" to your spring playlist or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

You don't ever answer when I call you, fall back
You givin' me reasons to dog you, I fall back
You don't nеver be therе when I need you, fall back
Can never get in touch when I wan' see you, I fall back

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