Offset & Chloe Bailey Get Up Close And Personal Onstage, Sparking Debate

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Offset and Chloe Bailey
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Some users think the duo got a bit too close for comfort.

Earlier this week, Offset brought out various special guests at his performance in Los Angeles. Gunna joined the hitmaker onstage for “Prada Dem,” for one, which fans mostly seemed to enjoy. He also brought out Chloe Bailey for a performance of their Set It Off collaboration, "Princess Cut." Unfortunately, this is where the controversy begins.

In a clip from the show making its rounds online, Chloe is seen approaching Offset, who's sitting on a nearby staircase. She then grabs a hold of his shoulder before showing off some seductive dance moves, eventually sitting down and leaning back onto him. Offset kept his hands to himself throughout the clip, but either way, it has fans up in arms.

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Chloe Bailey & Offset Perform In LA

Some users think the duo got a bit too close for comfort, and are sounding off in The Neighborhood Talk's comments section. "Cardi somewhere cursing in Spanish," one user writes. "Somebody tag me when cardi go live in case i fall asleep," someone else jokes. Others are coming to their defense, noting that Chloe was simply doing her job. "Chloe was respectful. She's at work and respected boundaries," a fan writes. "It's called professionalism," another argues.

Of course, most of the criticism is coming from those rooting for Offset's relationship with Cardi B, which ended months ago. Several note, however, that Cardi hasn't been holding back during her own shows. "Cardi B was literally humping on Megan Thee Stallion during their performance, because they are entertaining, it's no different than acting," one fan insists. What do you think of Offset bringing Chloe Bailey out during his recent performance in LA? Do you think they got too close for comfort, or are social media users reaching? Do you think Cardi B will react? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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