Future And Metro Boomin Unleash "We Don't Trust You" Collab Project

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The project spans 17 tracks.

The much-anticipated collaboration between Future and Metro Boomin is finally here. And it's everything fans have been craving and more. WE DON'T TRUST YOU is a joint album that is a testament to the undeniable chemistry between two titans of the rap game. Clocking in at a solid hour, the 17-track masterpiece is a rollercoaster ride of sonic innovation. Featuring guest appearances from heavyweights like Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar, and Rick Ross, WE DON'T TRUST YOU delivers on every front. Travis Scott's hypnotic vocals on "Cinderella" and Playboi Carti's electric energy on "Type Shit" elevate already stellar tracks to stratospheric heights. Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross inject their own unique flair, adding layers of depth and intrigue to an already stellar lineup.

What truly sets this album apart, however, is the seamless relationship between Future and Metro Boomin. Known for their individual brilliance, the duo seamlessly combine their talents to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience. Future's trademark cool and collected flow glides effortlessly over Metro's intuitive and dynamic production, resulting in tracks that are both infectious and captivating. From the hypnotic beats of "Diamonds Dancing" to the introspective lyricism of "Never Stop," WE DON'T TRUST YOU showcases the full range of Future and Metro Boomin's artistry. Each track is a testament to their unparalleled skill and undeniable chemistry, leaving listeners hungry for more.

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Stream "We Don't Trust You" Below By Future And Metro Boomin

While fans may have had to wait a little longer than expected for this collaborative effort, it's clear that the wait was well worth it. The project is a triumph of modern hip-hop, solidifying Future and Metro Boomin as one of the genre's most formidable duos. "We just witnessed Future & Metro Boomin deliver a 17/17 classic with iconic features from Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott… WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE," one person tweeted.

"Future & Metro Boomin really went 17 for 17," another fan wrote. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of WE DON'T TRUST YOU and experience the magic for yourself. Let us know what you think of the project. Do Future and Metro Boomin ever miss? Which song is your favorite? Are you looking forward to hearing more from the duo? Tell us your thoughts on HotNewHipHop.

We Don't Trust You Tracklist:

1. “We Don’t Trust You”
2. “Young Metro”
3. “Ice Attack”
4. “Type Sh*t”
5. “Claustrophobic”
6. “Like That”
7. “Slimed In”
8. “Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana)”
9. “Cinderella”
10. “Runnin Outta Time”
11. “Fried (She’s A Vibe)”
12. “Ain’t No Love”
13. “Everyday Hustle”
14. “GTA”
15. “Seen It All”
16. “WTFYM”
17. “Where My Twin At”

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