Lupe Fiasco Doesn't Accept Kid Cudi's Apology: "I Thought Him Apologizing Would Help, But It Didn’t"

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The beef is deep-rooted.

In a surprising turn of events, Kid Cudi has taken a step towards reconciliation, extending an apology to Lupe Fiasco after their recent public spat on social media. As HNHH previously reported, Kid Cudi offered an apology to Lupe Fiasco earlier today. Cudi expressed regret and a desire for resolution, emphasizing the brevity of life and urging for a way to move past the conflict. However, it didn't appear to be enough for Fiasco. Cudi's initial tweet read, "Love u g. Im sorry if i hurt u man. Life is too short. Hope u can find it in ur heart to get past this," accompanied by an acknowledgment that he had sent a direct message to Lupe.

Moreover, the gesture, seemingly heartfelt, indicates Cudi's willingness to mend bridges and move forward. Lupe Fiasco initially responded with a concise "All I needed," hinting at the potential for reconciliation. However, in a subsequent tweet, he expressed the complex emotions he felt upon receiving the apology, admitting that despite a moment of release, the desire to settle the matter physically still lingered. Fiasco later tweeted, "This lying a** bitch a** nigga… Aight…" And many were left puzzled. The exchange escalated when Kid Cudi requested Lupe to refrain from using derogatory language, emphasizing his approach with love and sharing the DM he had sent. Cudi also expressed his commitment to resolving the issue and stated his intention to talk with Lupe the following day.

Lupe Fiasco Is Not Over It

Lupe's response, however, was unyielding as he questioned Cudi's sincerity, challenging the timing of the peace offering and accusing him of attempting a half-hearted apology years later. The tweets unveiled the deep-seated animosity between the two artists, with Lupe insisting on hearing a direct apology before considering any resolution. "Or what b**ch a** n**ga? You tryna to come years later with this peace s**t, half apologize. N***a you could have settled this years ago with a simple phone call. Now you ain’t got the room after the due date. Ni**a you will always be a b**ch to me. I just want to hear that apology from your mouth then you can kick rocks. Every n**ga I know you know think you a b**ch too. This ain’t nothing new."

The ongoing drama took a new turn with the revelation of an interview where Kid Cudi discussed his new album INSANO. Cudi opened up about his creative inspiration, including a transformative experience at a Kendrick Lamar live show. However, he also shared a story about hiding from Lupe Fiasco during his early days at a Bape store in New York. This revelation triggered a Twitter storm from Lupe, reigniting their years-long beef. Despite the renewed tension, Kid Cudi, in a series of tweets, seemed determined to rise above the negativity, expressing regret and reaching out for a private conversation to settle their differences. The hip-hop community waits to witness the next chapter in this evolving saga.

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