B.G. Surprisingly Goes After Lil Wayne On Finesse2Tymes New Song "Gangstafied"

This one stunned a lot of people.

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Finesse2Tymes has just come through with a brand-new single that is out now on YouTube. "Gangstafied" features the recently released Louisiana legend and former Cash Money affiliate, B.G. Since his return after an 11-year bout for illegal gun possession, he has been frequently appearing on tracks. However, this one might be the most talked about.

It already seems to be turning out that way because of some of the bars he dropped. When you see them we guarantee that you will be quite flabbergasted. That is because B.G. sent some shots toward his long-time teammate, Lil Wayne. According to XXL, the diss delves into some issues that were going on outside of his time behind bars.

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Listen To "Gangstafied" By Finesse2Tymes And B.G.

You can find out what he said below. While this is all very surprising, there might be some context out there that could have led to this. According to a piece from 24HipHop back in late November, B.G., talked about their damaged friendship. It all happened because of interviews Wayne did in which he went after former Cash Money signees. "I went through the roof. He sent our relationship sideways. I had a lot of respect for shorty cause he done that 'I Miss My Dawgs' song. He performed it for me. B.G. continues, "To make a long story short, he was like, f*** everybody who left Cash Money. I'm one of the ones who left Cash Money, so really you saying f*** me. I left, Juvi left. When you say f*** me, I'm gonna say f*** you back." However, he did clarify, "My problems ain't with you. B.G. said about Wayne. "You ain’t the one that got my money."

What are your thoughts on "Gangstafied" by Finesse2Tymes and B.G.? Is this the best feature that B.G. has put down since he has been out of prison? How stunned were you when you heard him diss Lil Wayne? Do you think the comments are what started it? We would like to hear what you have to say. So, leave your takes in the comments. Additionally, keep it locked with HNHH for the latest news around B.G., Lil Wayne, and Finesse2Tymes. Finally, stay with us for the most informative song posts throughout the week.

Quotable Lyrics:

My n**** Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing
My n**** Weezy steady touring but he's b**** and it's showing
I'm still a living legend, don't act like you didn't know it
But they had my hands tied, caught up on that chain gang
Just like on the streets all through the pen you know my name rang

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