Tiny Harris Addresses Rumor That T.I. Isn't King's Father

A social media user recently alleged that Bimmy is King's real dad.

BYCaroline Fisher
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It's been an eventful week for the Harris family. T.I. and his son King got into a physical altercation at an Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday, which was unfortunately broadcast to countless social media followers. Clips from their tussle aren't the only things floating around the internet as of late, however. Now, there are also some rumors circulating that King isn't actually T.I.'s biological son.

Instead, some users speculate that it could be James “Bimmy” Antney. Commenters are suggesting that this plays a large role in the 19-year-old's recent beef with his parents, however, Tiny begs to differ. She recently hopped on her Instagram Story to shut the unfounded rumors down, insisting that T.I. is King's dad.

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Tiny Harris Shuts Down Rumors, Claims She Doesn't Even Know Bimmy "Like That"

Moreover, she claims not to even know Bimmy very well, making the speculation all the more ridiculous. She reposted a screenshot of a gossip account on Instagram reporting on the "alleged tea," denying the accusations. "Man this is the biggest bullsh*t ever!!! No disrespect but I don't even know Bimmy like that! I was just reminded of who he was. Quit playing with us for click bait b*tch!" she wrote. Tiny isn't the only one defending their family name, either. Earlier this week, T.I. hopped on Instagram to clarify that his family is doing just fine amid the fallout from he and King's altercation.

“Fck what dis internet talkin bout… Da HFamily Tied Like a Knot,” he wrote on Instagram. “We all We Got…4LIFE… Ima RIDE to da heavens or da depths of HELL bout my Jr.& ain’t nothing gon change that.” What do you think of Tiny Harris' response to rumors that King isn't T.I.'s son? What about the speculation that it could be Bimmy instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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