What would you do with $2.5 million to spend? Would you cop yourself a house, a car or two, maybe travel around the world while staying in the finest hotels and eating the best food? Or would you try and grow that money, by buying a business or simply investing it and getting some solid interest kickbacks year after year? Whatever you choose to do, it might not be the approach that Blac Youngsta took when faced with the same question, because it looks like he went and spent it all on jewelry. That’s right – over $2 million of his money can now be seen in the form of some new additions to his bling collection.


In a video that was uploaded online via social media, Youngsta is seen showing off his iced-out chains for the camera, with one of them looking exceptionally long compared to what he normally wears, at least in his videos. He told those watching that they needed to get on his level when it comes to spending money, since he does it like some “real heavyweight s**t.” Plenty of people showed up in the comments section to this particular repost of the video, suggesting that the chains may be on loan from a jeweler and that he doesn’t actually own them. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that many others who typed their reactions were, above all else, shocked that he’s worth that much money to begin with. His songs certainly haven’t broken into the mainstream or crossed over as radio hits in any meaningful way, so through traditional means, people may find it puzzling how he comes up with the kind of cash to cop this jewelry. Then again, it’s his money to spend how he wants, irrespective of what the haters think.

In other Blac Youngsta news, he’s been teasing his upcoming mixtape F**k Everybody 2, the project that will follow his deeply personal video for the track “Venting.” There’s been concrete release date shared, but at this rate, the world seems to be much more preoccupied with his social media antics than with his music to begin with.

Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta Shows Off Jewelry Worth $2.5M