Love him or hate him, Blac Youngsta is one of the more cartoonishly hilarious figures in the world of hip-hop today. Whether he’s dropping another video on Instagram that features him either a) spending money or b) stroking money, feuding with another one of his rap music colleagues or simply just occupying his own niche in the marketplace via his music, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Youngsta’s output. In his latest social media update, the man behind I’m Innocent is definitely not looking for any features on upcoming projects, thank you very much.

In a video clip that was making the rounds online late last night/earlier this morning, Blac Youngsta is seen sitting on a couch, idly sending messages on his smartphone. When asked if he’s copping any features down the road, presumably for his previously mentioned mixtape project, the rapper responds with a smile and a coy response: “I don’t wanna do no features with nobody.” He positioned himself on a pedestal above those who may have wanted to collaborate with him, adding, “I don’t f**k with none of these n****s, I’m like Drake. Black Drake.” There’s a sly, winking quality to his response that would necessitate not taking too much of what he says seriously, but that last line about the Toronto rapper may hit a nerve for some people. Drake has been mocked in some social media circles in the past for not being totally or “authentically” black, as witnessed by a piece from The Atlantic that was published in 2011. At one point, the author attempts to explain what “real blackness” is:

“‘Real’ blackness in commercial rap often requires hyper-masculine claims to dangerous ghetto experience, sexual power, and conspicuous consumption. Critics argue that commercial rap is nothing more than actors performing racist stereotypes of black male deviance in a soulless attempt to cash in. The key point here is that “racial” authenticity is not merely racial—it depends on a particular version of dominating manhood for its cultural and commercial appeal.”

All that aside, Blac Youngsta is clearly having fun with the concept, seemingly to tease his upcoming mixtape F**k Everbody 2. He had a lot to say lyrically with I’m Innocent and, by the looks of things, the rapper still has a lot to get off his chest for his next full-length release. Check out our exclusive interview with him below!

Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta Says He's "Black Drake," Doesn't Want Any Features