Slim Thug Semi-Apologizes For Comments On Cassie And Diddy, Fans Dig Up Craigslist Sex Ad He Posted

Once it is on the internet, it is there forever.

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When there is a big headline a lot of people will feel inclined to chime in and give their two cents. Especially, when there are a vast amount of ways to dissect and analyze it. One of the hottest topics, albeit more serious than what is trending, is the downfall of Diddy and Cassie's relationship. If you have not been keeping up with it, some rumblings began around late September. Cassie's new man, Alex Fine, who is a personal trainer, took some shots at the rap mogul's sexuality.

While it was nothing too ground-shaking, it was still something to keep a bookmark on. Then, on November 16, the true bombshell dropped. Cassie filed a lawsuit against her ex for sexual assault and physical abuse. Over the past few weeks, things have continued to snowball as the situation gets messier and messier by the day. A lot of celebrities, especially 50 Cent have taken aim at the billionaire. However, Texas rapper Slim Thug seems to be blaming Cassie for not taking action when things first started to turn sour. He believes that she was never truly in peril and is looking for money. That elicited fans to clap back and say it is not easy to just speak up and get the authorities involved.

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Slim Thug Does Not Look Too Good Right Now

They certainly have a valid argument. Thug has had this thought process before and Cassie's supporters are fed up with it. The rapper sort of walked back his comments saying he has no hate toward Cassie, he was merely giving his opinion. He says he is not running from anybody and is willing to listen to other people's takes on the matter. However, a lot of people are not buying it. So, fans have recently dug up an old Craigslist ad from Thug. According to HipHopDX, it was for any woman interested in having a good time with him. It was posted in 2011 after a breakup. The post read, "I’m a 6’6, handsome, rich, black male looking for sex with no strings attached. I just got out of a relationship and looking to get my rocks off." Thug has not yet replied to this at the time of writing.

What are your initial thoughts on Slim Thug's commentary on Cassie and Diddy's relationship? Do you think he crossed a line, or was he fair? Is his apology enough to win people back? Do you remember seeing Thug's ad on Craigslist back then? We would like to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around Cassie, Diddy, and Slim Thug. Furthermore, stay with us for everything else going on around the music and pop culture world.

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