Tameka “Tiny” Harris pays a visit to Hot 97 for an in-depth chat where she gives lots of details about her on-and-off relationship with her husband T.I.

Host Nessa brings up co-parenting with T.I. and asks if it becomes an issue as the music moguls have some divorce papers on the table as they “are still trying to figure it out.”

“I don’t know for us I think that it’s all in love. We just have a lot of love for each other. A lot of years in it too, it brings us back to being on a certain page that we just can’t keep running from,” she says. “We can run from it for a minute and be like ‘ugh I’m through with him I don’t care nothing bout it’ but then love comes back and I’m like ‘let’s co-parent let me talk to you about this.'”

Nessa then asks Tiny if she feels pressure from fans and the media on her and the Hustle Gang rapper staying together. 

“I don’t think I feel pressure, I think that whatever it’s going to be is whatever it’s going to be. It’s really what’s going on with me and him. If we feel like we can deal with each other’s craziness and still move forward and be better for us and our kids then that’s what it’s guna be.” Adding, “in reality what is ever perfect? Especially in the relationship, I have to look at our relationship. We both are in the public eye and both the business.”

Tiny gets real about what it’s like for any male rapper, and how T.I. is a sex symbol.

“It’s hard, especially as a male, I think in the business when you are known as a sex symbol – all the woman want you.” Tiny explains how it must be a struggle not only for T.I. but any man who has to turn down all the ladies that come after them.

Overall, Tiny still proves to have her mans back and will seemingly always understand his side whether or not they stay together. The “No Scrubs” co-writer and the “About The Money” rapper have been together for what feels like a lifetime, as they started dating in 2001. This was when the King Of The South rapper had just signed his first major label deal with Arista, and Tiny was still a part of the then-successful R&B group Xscape.

T.I. is set to drop his collectives’ debut album, We Want Smoke on October 13th. The project will feature Young Thug, Trae Tha Truth, Young Dro and B.o.B to name a few.

Watch the full interview below.


T.I. & Tiny "Still Trying To Figure It Out"