Both T.I. & Tiny Harris took a sentimental trip down memory lane in honor of their 7th anniversary. Amidst swirling rumors of divorce and reconciliation, the heartfelt posts seem to indicate that the couple's marital status is on the mend. Still, when you're surrounded by fan love, there will always be those trying to tear you down. On Tiny's Instagram post, one hater blatantly took a shot at Tiny, stating ""Too bad it was for nothing and he cheated." On her anniversary no less. 

Well, Tiny was having none of that nonsense, firing off a retaliation shot of her own. "As your man probably cheating right now!" replied Tiny. "Grow up & get that hate out of your blood!" 

While this doesn't exactly confirm that Tip & Tiny are getting back together, it does indicate that they still have each other's back. What does the future have in store for one of hip-hop's favorite couples?