Young Dro

Real Name
D'Juan Hart
Alias Name
Dro, 3Krazy, Dropolo
Date of Birth
Jan. 15, 1980 - Age 44
Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Artist Bio

Blessed with a permanent and playful sense of fun, Young Dro has made a career of popping, occasionally hilariously crude and effectively clever, southern-styled tracks. He rose to prominence with the release of his first album, Best Thang Smoking which featured the massively popular single, Shoulder Lean, featuring fellow southern rapper, T.I. It would be seven years before Young Dro released another album, although it would be wrong to accuse him of being inactive, considering that he released a staggering twelve solo mixtapes during this period which proved popular with Underground listeners, most notably his release of Day 2 which recieved critical acclaim. In 2013 he released his second album, High Times, to positive reviews. This time around he continued to collaborate with T.I. and also featured appearances from Doe B. and Mac Boney, under tracks produced by the likes of Smash Factory and Lil C.