DJ Akademiks Blasts GloRilla Over "Goofy" Kai Cenat Beef

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Akademiks called the rapper a "f*cking idiot" and "delusional."

DJ Akademiks clearly has no time for GloRilla's ongoing beef with Kai Cenat. "Glorilla is a F-cking Idiot.. She really think Kaicenat is locked up. Her label must have humbled her stupid ass in realizing... Bih.. u aint bigger than the program.. and Kaicenat is valued way more than u. She tried to cop a plea to him but tried to diss me in the process. LMAO. Glorilla is officially a GOOFY.. she said her and Kaicenat beef is some street shit lol.. This CHick is literally delusional.... Yo Gotti. deactivate her twitter. @GloTheofficial ur a f-cking moron. LMAO. u have street beef with KAICENAT?" Akademiks fired off in a pair of early-morning tweets.

The heated reaction comes after Glo publicly considered unblocking Cenat. The Memphis rapper tweeted "I’m drunk af rn I might f-ck around & unblock Kai" late on Saturday night. However, it appeared that Cenat himself wasn't having it. reacted to the news live on his "prison livestream" and, in short, he isn't looking to mend fences or build bridges. "You made your bed you better stay there. You made your bed, you better stay there!" Cenat hollered as his crew went wild behind him.

GloRilla & Kai Cenat Beef Explained

Glo originally blocked Cenat after he criticized her song "Cha Cha Cha". However, in fairness, Cenat's critique was pretty harsh, with the streamer going as far as to say that he felt "betrayed" by the Memphis rapper's latest song. Additionally, on a recent Instagram Live, Glo even broke her silence on why she blocked Cenat. "Don't come on my Live asking me about nobody I done blocked. They blocked and they gonna stay there. You made your bed you gotta lay there," Glo told her audience. The last line of Glo's response is the exact thing that Cenat was referring to in his prison stream reaction.

Furthermore, Cenat was originally stunned to find out that Glo had blocked him. Reacting live on stream, Cenat expressed sadness, arguing that he thought he and Glo were chill. That didn't appear to be the case, even if Glo is thinking about walking it back now. However, she isn't the first music star to block Cenat in recent months. In a previous stream, Cenat learned that SZA had blocked him. However, this one wasn't over a musical critique. Instead, the singer appeared to have blocked the streamer after he tried to shoot his shot in her DMs. Cenat appeared to be pretty heartbroken by that one, having previously expressed a crush on SZA and lamenting that he had been working to get her on stream.


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