Finesse2tymes Reveals Who He Thinks Should Be Killed Instead Of Rappers

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According to Finesse2tymes, rappers shouldn't be the ones dying.

Finesse2tymes recently took to his Instagram Story, providing followers with his hot take on murder. The performer made note of the ongoing violence amongst rappers, suggesting an alternative. He says that instead of rappers going down, it should actually be bloggers. Most can agree that an ever better alternative would be to kill nobody, regardless of their occupation.

"Y'all out here killing all these rappers, Y'all need to start killing these bloggers," Finesse2tymes said. Various commenters weighed in, claiming that this is probably not the best solution. Adam 22 of No Jumper even chimed into the debate, giving his own take on the situation. "Encouraging the killing of journalists is bad actually," he wrote. Wack 100 also shared his thoughts, writing, "Guess it’s time for the bloggers to report the paperwork."

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Finesse2tymes Says People Should "Start Killing These Bloggers"

It's unclear why Finesse2tymes would prefer violence be directed at bloggers, however, social media users have some ideas. Many think he could be annoyed with unflattering coverage surrounding his "snitching" allegations over the summer. Others are noting the variety of reasons he's made headlines in recent weeks, including his two girlfriends' pregnancies, him revealing that he lives on SSI checks, and more.

Many fans are urging the performer to stop encouraging violence of any kind, particularly amid recent news of his growing family. He announced that his two girlfriends, Nia Love and FNG Shugga, are pregnant last week. The performer celebrated the news with a cheerful dancing video yesterday, seeming to look forward to the two children's arrivals. He had been juggling three girlfriends until earlier this month, when he revealed that he had broken things off with one of them. "She was [talking too] much, got eliminated," he captioned an Instagram photo of himself posing alongside his two remaining partners. What do you think of Finesse2tymes suggesting that people start killing bloggers instead of rappers? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Finesse2tymes.

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