Finesse2tymes' Mother Claims He Didn't Snitch: "He Did His Time"

Finesse2tymes' mother claims he "didn't snitch on nobody."

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Earlier this week, a social media user accused Finesse2tymes of "ratting" on their brother, offering up some paperwork that allegedly backed up their claims. The rapper then hopped on Instagram Live, telling his followers that the allegations aren't true. “See, you n****s ain’t smart enough. You can’t get no paperwork from when a n***a was a juvenile," he explained. He continued, "Do you know how many n****s told on me as a juvenile and I can’t go get paperwork to prove it? I can’t pay for it … If it’s true, go look it up! Go pay for it. Go read up on it and then get back at me.

Now, Finesse2tymes mother has also come to the rapper's defense. During a livestream, she claimed that her son served 15 years in prison when "he could have" snitched. She called the paperwork "fake," and said "social media a mess for real." Finesse2tymes' mother went on to tell haters that they're jealous of her son, claiming that they're only spreading rumors for clout. "He did his time," she continued.

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Finesse2tymes' Mother Defends Him

The rapper's mother went on to tell viewers they "better stop believing everything" they see on social media. She explained her heated response, saying, "[Her] baby been gone all this time," serving his sentences "like a man." Finesse2tymes was released from prison in July of 2022, after serving around five years for gun charges related to a 2017 shooting in Arkansas. Prior to that, he did six years for two felony counts of aggravated robbery and was released in 2016.

Finesse2tymes has made headlines in recent months for beefing with Erica Banks, showing off his three girlfriends, and a deadly stampede that took place at one of his shows with GloRilla. The stampede tragically took the lives of three concert attendees in March of this year. In May, he also roasted a Tennessee club promoter for failing to pay him. Many users called the situation "karma," as accusations that he sent an impersonator to perform in his place circulated earlier this year.

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