Symba Thinks He's A Better Rapper Than Eminem

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Symba says he can name five better rappers than Eminem.

Eminem's status as a rap legend has been a topic of debate lately. Bay Area rapper Symba recently made the statement that he believes he's a better rapper than the "Mockingbird" rapper. Symba's perspective came to the forefront during a panel discussion titled "The Great Debate" at REVOLT World in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. In this spirited exchange, Symba expressed his belief that he surpasses Eminem in the realm of rap. He believes that "anybody can rhyme words," and even doubled-down on his statement by saying that he could name five better rappers than Eminem.

While acknowledging his respect for Eminem as a person, Symba drew a sharp distinction when assessing their respective rap abilities. "I respect Eminem on a level as a man," Symba started. "But as a rapper, I feel like I can name five better rappers." One of his fellow panelists, Tierra Whack, didn't beat around the bush and posed the direct question, asking, "Wait, so, you think you’re better than Eminem?" Symba took a moment to think about it, but then responded with a direct "Yes." He continued and said, "Anybody can rhyme words, [but] what are you saying?"

Symba Speaks At REVOLT World

However, Symba provided context and reasoning for his statement. He elaborated on his position, emphasizing that in the world of rap, it's not just about rhyming words. He feels what truly sets a rapper apart is the depth of substance and the impactful message portrayed through their lyrics. Symba, who proudly reps the Bay Area, has hits of his own. His messages in his music could be seen as impactful, too. His 2022 album Results Take Time, for example, featured prominent artists such as Roddy Ricch, 2 Chainz, and Pusha T. This was the album that helped put him on the map and showcased his authentic rhymes and style of delivery.

This ongoing debate about Eminem's position in rap continues to fuel discussions. It usually brings up interesting conversations about the essence of true artistry in hip-hop and whether Eminem's celebrated status as the "Rap God" remains unchallenged. Other than Symba not putting in Eminem in his top five, there's many people around the world who do. Eminem's successful rap career has earned him around ten No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as an estimate of 115 million records sold worldwide. Most recently, Eminem made a surprise performance at 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour in Detroit, where his daughter Hailie was in attendance and spoke on how excited she was. Stay tuned to HNHH for more music news.

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