Blueface And Wack 100 React To Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy Plans

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Wack 100 hopes Chrisean's second child is Blueface's.

Earlier this month, Chrisean Rock gave birth to her first son, Chrisean Jr. The reality star has been showing the newborn off on social media frequently, even featuring him in one of her new music videos. Despite criticism she's received for her parenting skills, Chrisean looks to be eager to welcome her second.

Earlier this week, a clip of Chrisean discussing her plan to get pregnant again in the near future made its rounds online. "Yeah, I'ma be pregnant in the next what, six months. Beware," she told viewers. She then consulted a nearby friend, who informed her that the recommended waiting period is actually six weeks. "Yeah, I'm getting pregnant in six weeks," she then says. As expected, the thought of Chrisean having another child so soon after her first sparked some controversy among users. Some think that Chrisean should wait to get things sorted out with the child's father before getting pregnant again.

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Wack 100 Says He Hopes Chrisean's Second Child Is Blueface's

It looks like Blueface doesn't have much to say about the new mother's claims, however, Wack 100 does. The two of them recently sat down to chat with Adam 22 on the No Jumper podcast, and Wack made it clear that if she's getting pregnant again, he hopes the child is Blueface's. "She said she'll be pregnant again in six weeks," he began. "I would hope it's by him, you know what I'm saying? I mean, who else would want to make her a baby mama when she's the baby mama of Blueface? That's a headache, bro." In the clip, the rapper is just seen laughing the idea off.

What do you think of Chrisean Rock planning to get pregnant again soon? Do you think Wack 100 is right? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Wack 100, Chrisean Rock, and Blueface.

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