It’s truly upsetting to think about the damage that Hurricane Harvey has caused to the citizens of Houston, especially when you see some of the tragic images of lost homes, damaged property, and families in despair. Whenever these types of disasters occur, it serves as cruel reminder – Mother Nature can be a fickle bitch. Politics, social status, race, class and gender seem trivial in the face of such reckless natural destruction. Yet sometimes these horrible events can help bring out the best in humanity, with countless people banding together to help the victims of the Hurricane. Many members of the hip-hop community have already stepped forward to make a difference, including the recent success story Russ.

The There’s Really A Wolf emcee recently announced on Twitter that he was donating $35 thousand dollars to the Red Cross Foundation. “Houston & Texas in general has always shown me so much love,” writes Russ, “Crazy what’s happening…just donated $35,000 to the Red Cross. Keep the faith.” 

The recently-gold rapper’s charitable donation adds his name to the list of entertainers banding together to make a difference. It has been reported that Beyonce has donated an undisclosed sum, and Trae Tha Truth literally took to a boat to help ferry people to safety. Diddy, Drake, and Nicki Minaj have also made Red Cross donations, and Lil B has offered free Based God verses to any Houston rapper affected by the flood. The Kardashian clan has made a sizable donation of $500 thousand, and Kevin Hart’s viral “Hurricane Harvey Challenge” has led to an influx of celebrity donors. 

In the mean time, the effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt. Here’s hoping that all of these donations prove helpful to those affected by the tragic disaster. Props to Russ for pulling through in a big way.


Russ Aids Hurricane Harvey Victims With $35,000 Donation