The Soundcloud king has finally earned his crown. Coming off the high of meeting his idol Eminem, Russ has been hit with another bout of good fortune, coming courtesy of his legions of loyal subjects. The New Jersey emcee's debut album There's Really A Wolf has officially been certified gold. In an era when you'd think it couldn't be done, Russ defied expectations and managed to pull off the sales milestone, without features no less. As Russ himself is so quick to point out, the dude writes, raps, mixes, produces, and masters all of his own music - the ultimate one-man band. 

In true Russ fashion, he managed to squeeze in a true humble-brag in the celebratory caption: "My debut album just went gold!!! No features. No other producers writers mixing/mastering/recording engineers. Just me. So proud of YALL!" In all seriousness, Russ deserves to be proud, and while some have criticized the rapper's seemingly arrogant persona, the reality is, he wouldn't be where he is today without feeling himself a little bit. So instead of tearing the man down, we should show him some love. After all, Russ managed to go from Soundcloud to adding a gold record to his arsenal. So to all you aspiring rappers, take note - it can be done!

Recently, Russ actually opened for "the reason he started rapping," aka Slim Shady, during a run of U.K. shows. While many a young rapper has cited Eminem as a main influence, there are few who manage to open for their idols, let alone pose for a friendly photograph with them. Suffice it to say, Russ is killing the game. 

If you haven't already, add yourself to the growing ranks of There's Really A Wolf fans by checking it out right here