The Kardashian family is a group that has been polarizing since their first-ever reality show stint began in 2006. For as many fans as they've collectively amassed over the years, there are just as many haters out there, with the general opinion being that they are unworthy of their level of fame in pop culture. No matter where you sit on this issue, however, you cannot deny that this is an act of kindness that far exceeds what many other celebrities have done this week. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, whose destruction and flooding has caused the city of Houston, as well as other neighboring towns, to be physically devastated as a result, the Kardashians have stepped up to the plate in a big way with some financial support.

According to TMZ, the family has made an immense donation of $500,000 as a group to be put towards relief and aid for the survivors of his horrible event. Sources with direct knowledge of the situation have confirmed that Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney all participated in putting some money into the $500,000 amount that has been distributed to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army earlier today (August 29th). As per the report, the lump sum will be split evenly and doled out to both organizations. The Kardashians were supposedly touched by the courage and bravery shown by those in Houston who have kept up their resiliency and fought back against the wrath of this storm.

Los Angeles' most recognizable family aren't the only ones who are doing their part to help out some folks in need who are struggling in the aftermath of Harvey. After Kevin Hart issued a challenge to many of his celeb contemporaries to come through and provide a minimum of a $25,000 donation to the Red Cross or an organization of their choosing that will make things easier for those afflicted by the devastation in Houston. Many big names, including DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, T.I., Dwayne Johnson and others have stepped up with some financial aid, with more and more hoping on board the cause at the time of this writing. Coming together in a time of strife - everyone has it in them.