The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey has left many families and Houston-residents having to leave their homes due to the major flooding. Over the weekend, rappers, singers, actors and celebrities as a whole have donated large sums of money to fund relief for the victims and do what they can to help. Houston rapper, Trae Tha Truth, has made it his effort to personally be on the forefront of the rescue efforts in his city. 

Earlier today, Trae tha Truth was interviewed by local FOX26 News in Houston where he told the reporter that he's trying his best to help local natives find their way to safety. Trae was interviewed on a boat alongside the fire department and other rescue volunteers who are going through the Houston streets to help anyone who are victims of the flood and need shelter.

Trae himself had to be evacuated from his home yesterday, which was why he's paying it forward.

“I felt helpless yesterday when I had to be rescued, so I know that feeling," Trae told the reporter.

He said that after he was rescued, some of his homies from Austin and San Antonio came down with boats and trucks. After being evacuated, he revealed that he stayed up all night waiting for calls and once the morning came, they went out to help anyone else that needed to be evacuated. He later urged anyone else that had supplies, a boat, a truck or shelter to do what they can to help rescue evacuees.

Right now, he's working with the fire department and the rescue volunteers but he mentioned in the interview that he had been on the phone with the Congresswoman Sheila E. Jackson and told her that once they end up getting more boats, trucks and supplies, that he'll be reaching out to help them out as well in their efforts.

Trae tha Truth has been a staple in Houston for years now, and efforts like this aren't something out of the ordinary. Trae has been an advocate for giving back to the community and to his city as a whole. 

Watch Trae The Truth's full interview with FOX26 below: