Tyrese Goes On Heated Instagram Rant: "I'm A KING"

Tyrese says his life is "unbelievable."

BYCaroline Fisher
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Tyrese recently took to social media to vent. The artist shared a lengthy message on his Instagram Story, as well as a main grid post. Although it's not clear exactly what drama Tyrese is ranting about, it's obvious that he's pretty heated. He claims that he doesn't "do fake humble," adding "I'm a KING." According to him, he also "[intimidates] most from just [his] sheer presence alone."

"Sometimes you gotta remind. Motherf*cker, that you are a giant," he begins the post. "I make motherf*cker skin crawl when I say and do certain things so I’m awesome perfect but if it all ended tomorrow, I’ll be able to see that God use me in a real significant substantial way to change everything about everybody’s life that I’ve ever been connected to." I could’ve been selfish, self consumed narcissistic, thinking about my own self interest in my own self benefits, but I have one above and beyond and overextended myself, and tried to touch and affect every life imaginable when I could’ve done nothing but focus on me and my own self gain."

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Tyrese Pops Off Online

Tyrese continues, insisting that he's happy with his own life and doesn't want anybody else's. "I don’t wanna be you," he says. "Just know this as my truth I am inspired by you, I LOVE YOU but I DO NOT WANT YOUR LIFE…. I wanna repeat it again I don’t want your life…. Lol. My life is UNBELIEVABLE!!!" Again, it's uncertain exactly who and what he's referring to.

With that being said, he has been in some public beef with a few people as of late. Earlier this week, Tyrese filed a lawsuit against Home Depot over an unfortunate experience he had with their store. He claimed that he was given “outrageous discriminatory mistreatment and consumer racial profiling first-hand," by various employees. He's also currently going through a pretty nasty divorce with his ex, Samantha Lee.

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