Snoop Dogg Supports Tyrese Amid Mental Health Struggles: "You Godly Now"

Snoop told Tyrese during a phone call that his work on his upcoming album will help others.

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a recent Instagram post, Tyrese Gibson shared a clip from a phone call he received from Snoop Dogg. Snoop was showing Tyrese support amid him sharing how he struggles with mental health on the internet. He gave the artist praise for being so forthcoming with his battles on his upcoming album, telling him that his work would help other people overcome their own obstacles. Tyrese captioned the clip, “I was depressed and posting my raw vulnerabilities online. God knows I needed this phone call from my big homie Snoop Dogg.”

“See all these people that you naming? The record industry don’t respect them and don’t understand the fucking heavyweight shit that you dropping on this record,” Snoop explained. He went on, “You saying them names to me, tickling me pink; you saying them names to a record label, you know what they’re gon’ say? That n**ga ain’t had a hit in 20 years. Shit on, n**ga, we finna stand tall with this shit, n**ga." Snoop continued, telling Tyrese, “This is mental health. This is relationships. This is all of the shit that the world is going through with in one package. And my n**ga dealing with it, you actually dealing with it through the pain of this record. You’re gonna help somebody else learn how to live through pain and make that a beautiful pain.”

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Snoop Dogg Tells Tyrese "We Work For The Same God"

Snoop Dogg added, “You my n**ga, cuz. I’m not gon’ never let you put your muthafuckin’ head down and do nothing that ain’t appropriate. I’ma watch you from the sidelines, and then when God and them talk to me from upstairs, that’s when I’ma step in and do what Kim do. We work for the same God, my n**ga, you gotta know that." He tells Tyrese, “It ain’t no asking about all these angels is coming around you right now when you need them the most. Ain’t no suckers around you, only angels. Tell me I’m lying. They found their way away from you ’cause you godly now.”

In March, Tyrese revealed that he believed that his psychiatric medication could have been to blame for his 2017 breakdown. Last month, Tyrese confirmed that his TGT album with Ginuwine and Tank was coming soon. The upcoming album will follow their 2013 LP, Three Kings.

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