It was a quip made in good fun, but Tyrese felt it necessary to stand up for Will Smith. The 2023 Golden Globes was arguably one of the most uncomfortable of its broadcasts to date, but Eddie Murphy lightened the atmosphere by joking about Smith. Murphy was honored at the ceremony with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and during his acceptance speech, he mentioned Smith’s unfortunate Oscars moment.

The acclaimed actor gave aspiring creatives advice for success. Then, he added: “It’s very simple. You just do these three things: pay your taxes, mind your business… and keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth!”

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The joke was well-received, and quickly, outlets and social media sites shared clips. When Murphy spoke with Entertainment Tonight, he briefly touched on mentioning his famous friends.

“I’ve worked with Jada,” he said. “I love Will. I love Will, and I love Chris — and it’s all love.”

It seemed light-hearted enough, but Tyrese didn’t appreciate Smith continuing to be at the center of jokes. He shared a photo of himself with the Fresh Prince icon and praised the actor.

I’m still team WILL SMITH there’s nobody on this earth that will ever influence me to ever have a change of heart towards the BIGGEST INFLUENCE in my life,” Tyrese wrote.”

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“I’m just saying man…. Move on already,” he continued. “I just watched EMANCIPATION for the 3rd time I just can’t believe how masterful this overall movie is…. #MyBrothersKeeper.”

That wasn’t all. The Fast & Furious star returned with a video about his thoughts. It seems he believes it’s time to leave the Will Smith Academy Awards jokes in 2022.

Check it out below.