Tyrese Rants About His Ex-Wife, Compares Her To Trump

Tyrese accused his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, of being dishonest.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Tyrese recently hopped on social media to rant about his ex-wife, and mother of his daughter, Samantha Lee. The artist has been going through quite the legal battle amid their divorce. Things have gotten ugly in recent months, and it appears that it's only continued to heat up. In a new clip, he's seen accusing his ex of being dishonest. "I don't give a f*ck how pretty she is," he explains, "it doesn't mean what she's saying is the truth."

He goes on to say he doesn't care if she can "quote 75 scriptures by heart." "Y'all know what Trump did," he continued, comparing his baby mama to the former president, "Tell the lie, over and over..." It's clear that things haven't gotten any better recently, based on his tone in the clip. At the end of last month, Tyrese also told The Shade Room that he plans to appeal the court's decision for him to pay his ex $650K in child support. "Everything is being appealed,“ he explained, "So yeah, all of those legal fees, everything that’s been going on from the beginning."

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Tyrese On His Ex Samantha Lee

“We have paperwork that says, ‘If this marriage were to ever fall apart, we have a pre-nuptial.’ Prior to the nuptials, that’s been established. So they cracked it," Tyrese explained. "They cracked the prenup. Yeah, so everything is about to get reversed, flipped. All of my legal fees from the day that she filed, it’s all going to drop on her head. It’s coming.”

In May, Tyrese also made some bold statement about his previous relationship, claiming that Samantha Lee was never in it for the right reasons. “I left the courtroom during a divorce trial, and I realized it was never love,” he said in a clip. "It was just a transaction," he added, “Wow, we did whole marriage and the…child just…to find out it was all about money and status.” Earlier this year, the artist claimed to be "in and out of depressions" amid the divorce process.

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