Tyrese Threatens To Scrap Upcoming Album If Fans Don't Get His Latest Single To Number One

The actor and singer posted a bizarre plea to his fans.

BYBen Mock
Hollywood Confidential Salutes Actor And Singer Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese has a new album, Beautiful Pain, which is due out later this year. Or maybe not, after Tyrese took to social media to threaten to scrap his album. Why? Because he feels so discouraged by not getting his latest single, "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me", to number one. "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me", which features Lenny Kravitz and Le'Andria Johnson, failed to chart in the US upon release in February. However, it was a top-10 hit on several Billboard R&B lists. But Tyrese believes that his fans can get the six-month-old song to #1.

"I really thought I could be number one," a tearful Tyrese said in a recent Instagram video, "So please, hit up any DJs, on-air personalities, music directors, program directors you may know. Let's go crazy for the next 48 hours and let's get to number one." What's amazing about all of this is that despite begging his fans to do this, Tyrese never actually names the song that he wants to be taken to #1. But then came his threat. "I am just feeling so discouraged, I might even scrap the whole album because of how discouraged I am feeling right now," Tyrese said. "I don't mean to offend anyone who I worked on this album with but I am just feeling so discouraged."

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Fans Roast Tyrese For Bizarre Plea


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If the story wasn't already weird enough, Tyrese posted his plea alongside a bizarre caption. "Please please pray for Uncle Craig I can’t reach him he has a very extensive surgery I am worried….. I told him to relax he just refuse to let up. I woke up feeling sad and discouraged I’m sorry y’all I’m just being what most won’t be on social media and that’s honest - I need your help. If you know me call me and please please pray for Uncle Craig Davis he just had a massive surgery he’s a good man who’s got my back to the end of the….. Sadly we likely won’t get there because my man is down….. I can’t reach him and I’m worried please help……. @unclecraigdavis I’m praying for you King I can’t take losing anyone else."

However, this plea for a pity #1 has not gone over well with fans. "Shut up man like you so deep, nobody cares about your Hollywood problems," one critic said. "Tyrese be breaking HIPAA laws like crazy. Have you tried therapy?," added another. The current #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 is the incredibly controversial "Try That In A Small Town" by Jason Aldean. Meanwhile, the top R&B song is "Snooze" by SZA.


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