There is a “National” day for just about any and every thing you can imagine, thanks to the immediacy of the internet. Any mundane place, person or thing (so basically: any noun) can be celebrated on the internet in its very own #NationalDayOf (insert noun). Today’s #NationalDayOf happens to belong to something we all hold near and dear– pizza. Not just any kind of pizza, though. There’s a day for that, and it’s not today (it’s February 9th, shout out Google). Today is the day we celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. While it’s highly debatable as to what the best kind of pizza is, it’s generally agreed upon that cheese is a requirement (amirite?). Although, I have to say I am preferential to the pepperoni type, ideally with mushrooms, but the green peppers and olives I can do with out.

Although “pizza” is probably not the first thing you think of when you think of rap music, at the same time, what does pizza NOT go with? If you’re reeling from a Labour Day Weekend hangover, or any hangover for that matter, apart from grabbing your sunglasses and Advil, you’re likely to order some pizza, stay in your loungewear (aka PJs) and listen to your preferred hip-hop/r’n’b vibes as you recover. Take some time now to shout out your personal favorite type of pizza, hit up your local pizza delivery service, and revisit some of these classic pizza-referencing hip-hop lyrics. Yes, 10000% classic.

Without further adieu, here are 10 top-notch pizza quotables, in no particular order.

Mac Miller “Kool A.D. & Frozen Pizza”

How else would we start this list? While “frozen” may not be the best variety of pizza, it is the most affordable. 

Kool-Aid and frozen pizza
It’s a work of art, I ain’t talking Mona Lisa
Dream of rocking crowds, see me filling up arenas
This weed got me laughing like a damn hyena
Yeah, I live a life pretty similar to yours
Used to go to school, hang with friends and play sports

Chance the Rapper “Cocoa Butter Kisses” feat. Vic Mensa & Twista

I think we’ve all had the Visine-so-I-can-visit-grandma experience. Paired with pizza and you have a family night to remember.

Used to like orange cassette tapes with Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie
And Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas, Jesus pieces, sing Jesus love me
Put Visine inside my eyes so my grandma would fucking hug me  

– Chance

Young Thug “Halftime”

Here, Thug cleverly uses “pizza” as a metaphor. We’ll let you figure it out.

I might want it but I don’t need the bitch
I been flooded out my Jesus bitch
I want your pizza, Little Caesar’s bitch
Ninth Ward, I buy my diesel bitch

Drake “Weston Road Flows”

Of course, when Drizzy raps about pizza, it’s got an emotional depth and perspective to it.

Weston Road Flows, I did this shit for my nigga Renny
Back when we couldn’t buy pizza
Cause we were down to pennies
Feel like we go back a century, run in the store for Centuries

Kendrick Lamar “FEAR.”

And of course, when Kenny raps about pizza, there’s somesort of lesson wrapped up in the reference. 

That homework better be finished, I beat yo ass
Your teachers better not be bitchin’ ’bout you in class
That pizza better not be wasted, you eat it all
That TV better not be loud if you got it on 

Eminem “As the World Turns”

Eminem’s pizza reference is a lack of pizza altogether. 

I met a slut and said: “What up? It’s nice to meet ya
I’d like to treat you to a Faygo and a slice of pizza
But I’m broke as fuck
And I don’t get paid ’til the first of next month
But if you would care to join me
I was about to roll this next blunt
But I ain’t got no weed, no Phillies or no papers

Lil Wayne “Racks on Racks”

It’s interesting how these pizza lyrics embody the rapper that’s reciting them – when Wayne drops a pizza reference, it would obviously be in relation to pussy somehow.

Wake up early in the morning
Eat that pussy like cold pizza
Hatin’ ass niggas be baller blocking
Acting like some goalkeepers

J. Cole “Rich Niggaz”

J. Cole offers some story-telling pizza lyricism and motivation on “Rich Niggaz.”

Here’s a song you can sing along with
When you down on some let you know you ain’t alone shit
When your momma ain’t at home cause she got a second job
Delivering pizzas, you think she out here getting robbed
Please God watch her I know how niggas do

Big Pun “Capital Punishment” feat. Prospect

When this OG raps about pizza, it’s all about the hustle.

I’m stressin’ the issue here, so we can gross the fiscal year
Tired of gettin fired and hired as a pistol-eer
There’s no longevity livin’ off negativity
Fuck it, I’d rather sell reefer than do pizza delivery
That’s how the city be, everybody gettin’ they hustle on

Beastie Boys “B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak”

This one is perhaps the most (actually) delicious-sounding pizza reference of the batch, we had to include it.

I’ve got the funky fly golf gear from head to toe
Yeah, the B-Boys makin’ with the freak freak cause it’s unique unique
Mario’s calling Nonni’s about the pesto pizza
And then he’s on a mission and he’s checking for peacha

National Cheese Pizza Day

National Cheese Pizza Day: 10 Pizza Hip Hop Lyrics