Southside Tells Diddy To "Come Get" Yung Miami

Southside called out Diddy recently.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Southside took to social media recently to call out Diddy. "@Diddy come get yo b*tch my n***a," he wrote. It's likely that the artist was referring to his baby mama, and Diddy's longtime fling, Yung Miami. Though Diddy and Yung Miami had certainly been a thing for a while, the two have never claimed to be exclusive. They confirmed their split in April. Moreover, Diddy was just spotted last week with his arm around another woman. Southside has one child with Yung Miami, a 3-year-old daughter named Summer.

The events leading up to Southside's Tweet are unknown for now. Earlier this month, he appeared to be working in the same studio as Yung Miami, writing, “Still locked in no days off.” In May, the producer opened up about co-parenting Summer with the City Girls' rapper. "The key to a cordial co-parenting relationship is just no sex,” he told Bootleg Kev. “You cannot have sex with your baby mommas. You can’t have … I got a girlfriend too, so you can’t have sex with your baby mommas with a girlfriend."

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Southside Calls Yung Miami Diddy's "B*tch"

It was also reported today that Diddy is accused the liquor company Diago of retaliating against him amid their ongoing legal battle. The company manages DeLeon Tequila and Ciroc Vodka, and the artist is suing them for alleged mismanagement. He alleges that the company failed to market the brands outside of "urban" audiences, further accusing them of racism. “Diageo presented Combs with a watermelon-flavored version of the tequila, despite Mr. Combs’s objections and efforts to educate Diageo about the racial history and connotations relating to watermelon,” the lawsuit reads.

“While Diageo has self-servingly misrepresented the goals of Combs’s lawsuit in the press, its attempt to retaliate against Combs for asserting his legal rights will not work in court,” Diddy's lawyer John Hueston told the New York State Supreme Court. “The message is clear- if you dare to shed light on Diageo’s conduct, you will be punished," documents also read.

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