Woman Who Claims She Worked On 03 Greedo's Case Defends Him Amid Snitching Allegations

1090 Jake recently claimed to have paperwork from 03 Greedo's case.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Recently, a woman claiming to have worked on 03 Greedo's case came forward to defend him amid "snitching" allegations. She said in an Instagram comment that he was released from prison early due to footage from a traffic stop. "I watched the footage and reported back to the attorneys," she explained, "it was a bad stop and a 4th amendment violation." 1090 Jake then commented on No Jumper's post showcasing her comment, asking what her claims have to do with "the statement given to the DEA."

The woman later responded to 1090 Jake, putting him on blast in an Instagram Story. She posted a screenshot of a DM allegedly sent to her by 1090 Jake. "My name is 1090 Jake I'm the one that did the video on Greedo and received his paperwork from the hood. You got a min to talk?," the alleged DM reads. Instead of responding to the message, she tore into him publicly. "Obtaining Legal paperwork (that has been falsely altered) from 'the hood' is not the same as obtaining official documents from the state or official government source," she writes.

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1090 Jake Claims To Have Evidence

"Spreading lies online to maliciously promote violence, malice, and publish false statements that is damaging to a person's reputation via your video," she continues, "is written defamation." The woman goes on to tell 1090 Jake that he's committed a "violation that [he] could be subjected to a lawsuit over." Later, 1090 Jake took to social media to show an alleged arrest report that he claims supports the allegations. In a clip, he scrolls through the alleged arrest report, showcasing various pieces of information that he claims are included. It's currently unclear whether or not the documents showcased in the clip are real.

Earlier this week, 03 Greedo denied the allegations. “You know, I did five. Nobody else did nothing off this conviction, this time, whatever y’all calling it," he said. "Let’s be clear," he continued, "My hood ain’t mad at me. Ain’t nothing worked out, you hear me? That’s cute."

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