03 Greedo Celebrates His Freedom With “Bacc Like I Never Left”

The rapper is enjoying his newfound freedom.

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03 Greedo, whose real name is Jason Jamal Jackson, came back strong with his song “Bacc Like I Never Left.”  The rapper, who is known for his willingness to experiment with different styles and his introspective lyrics, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on drug and possession charges in 2018. The rapper didn’t let that affect his career and still released music while incarcerated. He was able to cement his position on the hip-hop scene despite being in jail.

His 2019 album “Still Summer in the Projects" was met with widespread critical acclaim. 03 Greedo was released on January 12, 2023, and “Bacc Like I Never Left.” is a celebration of this. The rapper raps about his triumphant return over a spirited beat produced by “Gucci Gang” producer Bighead. He also raps about women, money, and jewelry on the track.

03 Greedo Is Back

Greedo opens the song by saying that he’s back like he never left, a clear reference to the fact that he’s now out of jail. ”Now I'm back like I never left. [?] I step /I got stripes like a f***ing ref, my hood I'ma rep./ Throwing racks, running up a check, still ain't had no sex” boasts the rapper. The rapper’s boasts don’t end there. In the song’s first verse, he says, “Hopping out the Aston, highest fashion, diamonds flashing. / I'ma need a model who bе posting all my captions.” 

He also makes it a point to brag about his gangster exploits in the song’s second verse. “Now I'm back, pulled up with the MAC. / Drummers get you clapped. /In the back of a fucking Lac and this bitch all black. / Don't get smacked, we don't get attacked, we ain't getting jacked.” The first person to report on Greedo’s release was Jeff Weiss on January 8. He tweeted, “Out of respect for Greedo's right to break the news however he wants to break it, I can't officially confirm anything. But this Texas parole info is accurate. 03 should be coming home at some point this week. A 5-year nightmare finally coming to an end.” What are your thoughts on 03 Greedo’s new track? Tell us in the comments below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Now I'm back like I never left, pussies in I step
I got stripes like a fucking ref, my hood I'ma rep
Throwing racks, running up a check, still ain't had no sex
'Fore I even got released I put some water on my neck

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