Cam'ron & Ma$e Go In On Fat Joe For "Dick From Kansas" Comment

Everyone knew this was coming.

BYAlexander Cole
Ma$e, Cam'ron And Jadakiss Live At The Apollo

Cam'ron and Ma$e have been killing it as of late with their brand-new show It Is What It Is. At this point, the show is coming out on a more frequent basis. Overall, this has given the show a lot more visibility, and deservingly so. In many ways, these two are like the anti-First Take. The show format is similar, however, they are allowed to say whatever they want. This subsequently leads to some truly hilarious results. At this point, it feels like the show is on a truly unstoppable run.

Moreover, there are plenty of people giving them lots of fodder for jokes. One of those people is none other than Fat Joe. During the NBA Draft a couple of weeks ago, the rapper had praise for Gradey Dick, who was drafted by the Toronto Raptors. Unfortunately, he got hit with some jokes as he misfired his praise and said "I like Dick from Kansas." Of course, the implications here were quite obvious, and it led to a whole bunch of clowning. With Cam and Ma$e being the kings of the "Pause" game, you know they had to chime in.

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Cam'ron & Ma$e Play The Pause Game

“Yo Crack, you know you my man. You got a flow, Joe. I was a fan in high school, n****,” Cam'ron said. “But you’re out of pocket, Joe. You know why, Joe? I would say this — pause this whole little scenario — it would be cr*zy if the n****’s name was Fred Dick — pause. But he got a whole other name, it’s Gregory or something like that. You could say, ‘I mess with Gregory from Kansas.’ He had two names, bro. A first name and a last name.” Ma$e and Cam continued to laugh during the whole segment, and it was yet another instant It Is What It Is classic.

For now, it really feels like the show cannot lose. Some would like to see them on ESPN, however, that would ruin the spirit of the show. Cam and Ma$e need to be unfiltered and ESPN would immediately begin to censor them. Hopefully, the right platform is able to give them the bag. Let us know what you think of the show, in the comments section below.

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