Nicki Minaj Thanks Barbz For Showing Love To "Endless Fashion"

She commended people who don't usually like her giving the song props for her contributions.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares
Nicki Minaj Thanks Barbz Endless Fashion

"Endless Fashion" is one of Lil Uzi Vert's Pink Tape's many highlights, and that's obviously owed to Nicki Minaj's great track presence. Whether it's her melodic interludes, witty bars, or infectious energy, the Queen pleased longtime Barbz and naysayers alike. Moreover, she recently reacted to her fanbase and more showing her love for the track online, dividing it up into a few different areas. First, she addressed fans (particularly straight men) who typically dismiss her music, but thought that she did a great job on "Endless Fashion." Then, the Trinidadian rapper thanked these people for supporting the song, calling them "undercover" fans.

"S/o all my undercover barbz playing #EndlessFashion all day reminiscing," Nicki Minaj wrote on Twitter. "I know y’all gotta pretend not to be in love wit da 1 (not da 2). I still love y’all. I can feel the vibrations. Muva thanks u. Come let me give you a noogie in yall big a** head. *virtual hugs*." In addition, she spoke more specifically on a few clips that went viral of guys reacting to her verse.

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Nicki Minaj Thanks "Undercover Barbz"

"Nah the way they just switched up like that is cr*zy," one user on Twitter captioned a video compilation of the phenomenon. "These str***ots be trying it chi," the 40-year-old replied in a quote-tweet. "Nah they cute or whatever & actually I rlly appreciate them being MEN comfortable in their own skin." There are plenty of fans of every demographic online who turned around on Nicki Minaj after this verse, despite their own biases. Given the amazing year that she's been having so far, we're sure that even more people will be praising her by her next album in November.

The Queen Addresses Haters-Turned-Fans

Also, she spoke a bit more earnestly about why this fan reaction happens, and why people have those biases. "Music is more than metaphors & ppl r free to like who & what they like for their own personal reasons babe," she responded to a fan who asked why men discount her talents. "For instance, those guys in the 2 videos clearly identify with Uzi & they have his temperament. That like-able quality. But shy. Very deliberate/conservative w/who & what they like. I think they’re dope." For more news and the latest updates on Nicki Minaj, stay logged into HNHH.

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