DJ Khaled Reads From Drake's New Poetry Book: Watch

DJ Khaled shows off his reading chops via Aubrey Graham.

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"We The Best Music" collaborator DJ Khaled knows how to merge art forms and artists. Whether it's a bopping new song with three features or social media content with special guest stars, the music producer is down to spread the love. Most recently, he's spreading the love to one Aubrey "Drake" Graham and his new book of poetry, Titles Ruin Everything. The Toronto-based hip-hop icon gave DJ Khaled a copy of his first published work, with a notecard that said, "Courtesy of The Boy."

"Life isn't fair... but karma helps," DJ Khaled says in an Instagram video showcasing the gift. He's quoting from a random page he flipped to, offering a brief nugget of Drake wisdom. He continues: "Some days I got it all figured out... but most days I never learn." Khaled turns the book towards the camera, claiming he isn't making these lyrical couplets up. He continues to call "The Boy" Drake something special and different. "The minute you think you figured out The Boy," Khaled says, "he writes a book!"

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DJ Khaled + Drake = Neverending Success

The infamous DJ is incredulous when reading this latest endeavor from Drake. The poetry is sparse, with single lines gracing each page, but the impact is palpable. "I charged the game... and paid the bill," is another pithy quote Khaled reveals during his impromptu reading. He ends the video by giving us one last page worth of wisdom: "You're nothing to write home about." DJ Khaled says he's taking his time reading the book -- even if it's very short -- because each phrase makes you pause and think deeper about what's actually being written.

Titles Ruin Everything is available on the website Drake Related. This isn't the first time a rapper decided to get into the publishing game. Logic back in 2019 launched a short novel, Supermarket, accompanied by a full-fledged album soundtrack for the book. That same year, Russ crafted a self-help book, titled It's All In Your Head. When you're someone who has used their words to shape the culture vocally, it only makes sense to put those special thoughts down on paper. And then have DJ Khaled promote those thoughts.

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