YSL Artist To Preview New Music Featuring Young Thug On Tour

New YSL artist Strick has teased new music featuring Young Thug, which he says will be played on his tour.

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YSL Artist To Preview New Music Featuring Young Thug On Tour

It looks like we might be hearing some new Young Thug music in the near future. Strick, an artist signed to YSL, has announced that he will preview new music featuring Young Thug during his upcoming headline tour. The North Carolina native's new album will also include guest appearances from Travis Scott, and James Blake. Of course, Young Thug will also be featured on the record. The tour, called "Who The F*ck Is Strick?," will be his first as a headliner. This follows his successful role as a supporting act on Kid Cudi's "To The Moon" tour in the previous year.

“I’ve been working on a ton of new music I’m really excited about. Travis Scott and I just did an insane record we’re about to drop!” Strick said in a press release. “Everyone should come out and see the shows; ain’t no telling what special guests are gonna pop out for me!! It’s my first headline tour you know and it’s finna be crazy.” It's the first bit of positive news we've seen regarding Young Thug in a while. Sadly, the rapper's health doesn't seem to be in a great place right now.

Young Thug's Health Scare

Rapper Young Thug attends Lil Baby's Ice Ball on December 3, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.<br>(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams, caused concern among his fans when he was taken to the hospital. Apparently, his health scare was simply described as a "medical emergency." News of the rapper's poor health broke while he was in court on Thursday. It was reported that the proceedings were paused as he was quickly taken to a nearby hospital. During the hearing, his lawyer, Keith Adams, expressed concern about his client's well-being. He noted that Young Thug had previously experienced similar issues while he was in jail a few months prior.

The public was not provided with any specifics about the illness that caused Young Thug to be rushed to the hospital. Still, his lawyer Keith Adams was given permission by Judge Glanville to visit his client in the hospital. The rapper's legal team had previously requested that he be released on bond. They stated that the conditions in prison were subpar. However, this plea was denied. Following his hospitalization, the Young Thug's attorneys released a statement. According to them, he is now "fine" and ready to proceed with the trial. It was reported earlier today, however, that he had made yet another trip to the hospital. Stay tuned to HNHH for all the latest updates on Young Thug's trial.


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