Blueface Keeps Blasting Chrisean Rock On Twitter: "How Stupid Can A B***h Be"

If there's anything we know about the couple, it's that they don't give up on calling each other out very easily.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares
Blueface Blasting Chrisean Rock Twitter Stupid

It seems like Blueface took a couple of hours thinking about what other insults he wanted to tweet at Chrisean Rock today. Moreover, he previously jabbed at her online for her testimonies regarding her pregnancy, which he called a "sob story." While the "Baddies" star went on Instagram Live and posted lengthy tweets in response, the rapper is usually all about the short but effective messages. Still, that doesn't make his words any more excusable, nor any less harsh. Furthermore, this is another bump in the road for the often struggling couple, though it feels like its breaking point.

"I been like this," Blueface wrote with a laughing emoji a couple of hours after his previous disses. "Bih said she don’t want to be like my other baby momma but she finna be my other baby momma how stupid can a b***h be. I’m a delusional female worst night mare. Don’t have no baby with no man that don’t want the dam baby. Delusional," he concluded his tirade, at least for now. In her response to his attacks, Chrisean Rock hinted at wanting to call their relationship off entirely.

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Blueface Continues His Rant On Chrisean Rock

Screenshot via Twitter @bluefacebleedem

"Stop subbing about the b***h [that] live with [you], gettin’ to it with you,” she tweeted at Blueface. “We busy every weekend, casually picking up money. N***as gotta stop being lame on the social. Like I said… We can either make this s**t last [and] make it better, or just let all [this] go [and] I’ll try again on my own. Tired of taking disrespect from a n***a that’s supposed to be motivating me to get more [and] shine more. If I wanna tell it how I wanna tell it, let that be. F**k everybody [that] got an issue with me. F**k a weird n***a that likes to tweet about a female he say, ‘I love you’ to every day. We gave each other [that] space, now let me be."

What's more is that Chrisean remarked on Instagram Live that she'd rather be a single mom at this point. While many support her moving away from the "Hello" MC, they also fear that it's going to be a rough couple of months for her. With that in mind, all we can hope for is that things smooth out before the baby comes. Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest news on Chrisean Rock and Blueface. Also, check out more of his most recent tweets as of writing this article down below.

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Chrisean Rock Catches More Heat From Her Man Online

Screenshots via Twitter @bluefacebleedem
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