GloRilla Responds To Method Man

GloRilla Is a big Method Man fan.

BYMadison Murray
GloRilla Responds To Method Man

Since's GloRilla's 2022 debut on the hip-hop scene, she has received numerous cosigns from veterans in the genre. Her latest cosign coming from Hip Hop legend, Method Man, can be identified as a strong stamp of approval. Last Tuesday, footage of Method Man's interview during the 2023 Grammy Awards resurfaced. In the interview, Method expressed his love for GloRilla's music and how she is a big name in his household. “I don’t really listen to much [of] today’s music,” Method Man replied to Hecht’s question. “But right now, who's relevant in my household? Who they playing in my house? Glo,” he added. Additionally, he revealed the two met and he was not confident she knew who he was. “That speaks volumes to her character. Love her,” he said after highlighting how nice she was.

The resurfacing of this clip caused confusion amongst hip-hop fans after Method's comment about her possibly not knowing him became the focus. Subsequently, many took to Twitter to discuss the possibility of her not being familiar with his catalog calling out the difference in the new generation's influence in hip-hop. On Sunday, GloRilla took to her Instagram story to reshare the clip of his light-hearted interview and clear up the confusion." I most definitely knew who you was lol big fan," she said with a series of red hearts.

GloRilla Responds to Method Man

Moreover, a cosign from Method Man is deemed rare as he expressed how he does not really tune in to the newer generation as much. However, this is a meaningful cosign for hip-hop. His accolades include a Grammy and a host of RIAA-certified records. Additionally, he recently sat down with Kevin Hart to discuss mental health on his Gold Minds podcast. Method's overall positive image in hip-hop adds to his gem-worthy status as a veteran.

Furthermore, Glorilla's presence in hip-hop continues to grow within a year of her world debut. To celebrate the release of her hit single "F.N.F," she has declared its release date as "National FNF Day." The song is certified gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America. She has made one of the most astounding debuts into the industry at a quick rate.


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