Jamie Foxx’s Instagram Active For First Time Since Hospitalization

Jamie Foxx has seemingly posted an update to Instagram

BYBen Mock
Jamie Foxx’s Instagram Active For First Time Since Hospitalization

Barring the recently-begun WGA strikes, the hospitalization of Jamie Foxx is the biggest saga in Hollywood right now. The veteran actor reportedly suffered a stroke on the set of the Netflix action-comedy Back In Action. He has been in an Atlanta hospital ever since. Foxx has three projects releasing this year - Strays, God Is A Bullet, and They Cloned Tyrone. Back In Action is one of five projects Foxx is involved in that do not have a release date.

While a number of famous figures, such as Martin Lawrence and Nick Cannon, have reportedly spoken with Foxx, the actor himself has not given a statement since he was hospitalized. Cannon has also taken over Foxx's presenting duties for the gameshow "Beat Shazam". However, fans have seemingly been given a sign from the actor himself.

Jamie Foxx Seemingly Posts To Instagram

For the first time since his hospitalization, Jamie Foxx's social media accounts have been active. A post appeared on his official Instagram with the message "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed 🙏🏿❤️🦊" posted over a black background. At the time of writing, the post has been liked over 133,000 times. Comments from the likes of Ludacris, Brett Gray, and DJ Khaled have appeared beside the post. The last post before the May 3 update was a drone video of Foxx showing off his yacht.

However, fans should be cautious about taking this as a definitive sign that Foxx is on the mend. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the post is from Foxx. It could have easily been posted by one of his family members or associates. Concern on social media has begun to rise about the state that Foxx is in, which could have led to a post that would assuage concerns. Additionally, only a few hours before the post, friends were reportedly urging people to "pray for Jamie". Despite this, if this post is from Foxx, then it is a great sign to see that he is in a position to post to social media. Hopefully, this means we will see more from him in the coming days and he strengthens himself and continues towards recovery.


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