NLE Choppa Insists He’s Single, Ex-GF Says Otherwise

The rapper says he owes his ex nothing.

BYNoah Grant
NLE Choppa Insists He’s Single, Ex-GF Says Otherwise

NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend says he isn't single, but the rapper says that isn't true. On Thursday, the Memphis rapper made an appearance on The Morning Hustle, a radio show based in Atlanta, and talked about the ongoing issues with his ex-partner Marissa DeNae. He acknowledged her statement that she is pregnant with their child and that he had paid for her IVF treatments, but he maintained that he was still unmarried. NLE Choppa just released his new album, so this interview was part of a promotional press tour. However, given the public state of his former relationship, it makes sense that he can't escape questions about it.

NLE Choppa hails from Memphis, Tennessee. In recent years, he has garnered significant attention in the music industry due to his breakout hit “Shotta Flow” in 2019. Since then, NLE Choppa has been diligently building his career, earning a dedicated fan base and a strong presence on social media. NLE Choppa has also made strategic collaborations with established artists, showcasing his versatility and potential for long-term success. Most recently, the rapper released his album Cottonwood 2, which features some of the biggest names in the industry.

NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend had a lot to say about the rapper in an Instagram story she posted earlier this week. In her posts, she shamed Choppa for "not being there." However, as the rapper maintains that he is actually single, it appears that his ex may have been saying it for attention. "I Really been trying to hold it down and keep it together,” she wrote. “But I’m honestly just fed tf up. You constantly trying to holla at folks, take folks on dates and etc but you have failed to show up for your child!" She went on to talk about how the rapper paid for IVF but it's there for appointments.

However, in his interview, Choppa made is expressly clear that he felt he had zero obligation to the woman. “I’m not in a relationship,” the rapper said. “Some people delusional. I am a free man. I am God’s creation. Don’t nobody own me. I ain’t got no cell block number." Choppa also responded to his ex's statement about paying for IVF, saying that it was really his way of apologizing for the couple's previous miscarriage. "[Yeah, I paid for] IVF. I think she worded it wrong," he said. "I went through IVF because we previously had a miscarriage and that was pretty much my way of another chance at it in a sense." What do you think? Does NLE Choppa owe his ex-girlfriend more? Let us know in the comments.


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