Marissa Da’Nae Apologizes After Blasting NLE Choppa

Marissa Da’Nae made some big claims about NLE Choppa and though she apologized, she didn’t walk back everything.

BYBen Mock
Marissa Da’Nae Apologizes After Blasting NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa and Marissa Da'Nae broke up in September 2022. It was an emotional affair, with a tearful video from Da'Nae and a brutally honest response from Choppa. Since then, Choppa has pursued, and been rejected by, both Meagan Good and Ice Spice. Meanwhile, Jela has been fueling rumors by posting some throwbacks of her and Choppa.

However, you can't keep a good ex down. Today, Da'Nae has come roaring back to relevance with a series of wild accusations. Da'Nae is reportedly pregnant with Choppa's child and has not taken kindly to his behavior in recent months. Furthermore, she laid down a variety of shocking claims about how Choppa has treated her during the pregnancy.

Da'Nae Goes On Insta Rant About Pregnancy

Taking to Instagram, Da'Nae made a series of incendiary claims. First, she said that she and Choppa "never broke up" and that was only announced so that "y'all would stop sending shit to me and nobody would be in his business anymore." That was followed by a longer post in which Da'Nae accused Choppa of "constantly tryna holla at folks, take folks on dates and etc but you have failed to show up for your child! That YOU PAID FOR ME TO HAVE!" Da'Nae goes on to claim that "I've seen you TWICE MY WHOLE PREGNANCY AND I'M PAST HALF WAY Done!"

Finally, Da'Nae posted an apology of sorts. "I been angry and was angry." Da'Nae's final reel addition begins, "I been doing great with handling my emotions, but I failed." The post goes on to say that Da'Nae will be "going back to putting my energy into my child and I apologize for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I let it run over onto the internet." Da'Nae concluded the post by saying "I don't care if you understand, agree, disagree. I was speaking my truth out of hurt and anger but again I am sorry and I should of just kept it to myself." So while Da'Nae apologized for her explosive rant, she didn't walk back the claims about Choppa. So what's the truth? Choppa has been shooting his shot like a man possessed, but is he neglecting some fatherly duties by doing so?


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