Meagan Good Reveals Truth Behind NLE Choppa Call

Meagan Good has cleared some things up about NLE Choppa’s viral call to her last month.

BYBen Mock
Meagan Good Reveals Truth Behind NLE Choppa Call

Generations collided in late March when TMZ reported that rapper NLE Choppa had shot his shot with Meagan Good. The story was full of drama and scandal as Jason Lee called Good for Choppa, only for Good to seemingly hang up. Speculation made its way around the social sphere, with many calling out Choppa for being a "simp". Meanwhile, neither party had spoken publicly about the call.

So what happened? Did NLE Choppa get rejected? Did he and Lee call Good back? And most importantly, did Good hang up on a simp? For several weeks, speculation has been rife online. Thankfully, a TMZ street interview caught up with Good to get the full story of what happened. Good's answers put the story to rest, if ending the saga with something more mundane that most were hoping for.

Good Didn't Hang Up On Choppa

TMZ recently caught up with Meagan Good and the first thing they asked was more details about the NLE Choppa call. "I did not," Good clarified when asked if she hung up on Choppa, "It got disconnected. My mom called and then I called back," Good continued. The actress, best known for roles in likes of Cousin Skeeter and Shazam!, had nothing but good things to say about NLE Choppa. "He's a lovely young man. I hate that so many people tried to drag him and make it seem like he was simping. No, he was very sweet, very very respectful."

However, the call back did not result in a romance blossoming. "He's just too young for me," the 41-year-old Good said of the 20-year-old rapper. But she did clarify she was "flattered", reiterating on several occasions just how polite and respectful Choppa had been when talking to her. And so the story ends - Good did not "play the hell out of him" (her words) and ended up having a conversation with Choppa. However, with good reasons, she turned down his polite offer to link up romantically. Maybe we'll see a platonic meeting in the near future but Good has definitely put any rumors about the call to rest.


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