Summer Walker’s Music Projects, Ranked

Summer Walker is a powerhouse, and her chart-topping albums prove she’s an unmatched force in the R&B space.

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Summer Walker’s Music Projects, Ranked

Albums, mixtapes, and EPs attributable to Summer Walker are beyond outstanding. Indeed, the Atlanta-born singer applies zeal and consistency to everything she does. It hasn’t stopped there: she has channeled the same in her post-fame navigation. Despite being pregnant, she toured with a higher passion.

She performed at London’s Wireless Festival, Essence Fest, and the Roots Picnic, across months. These were part and parcel of the Summer Walker Series: Part II Tour, which ended last year in Detroit. She qualifies as someone who makes the most of her pain and turns it around. That’s the most crucial characteristic of a true creative, and Walker sure doesn’t lack that! Hence, an irresistible itch to assess, in ascending order, how well her discography has done her justice.

5. Clear (EP, 2019)

This EP of hers has only four tracks with a 10-minute overall running time. Although, like Summer Series, it contains live renditions, and its tracks are exclusive. “Wasted,” “Grave,” “Settling,” and “Riot” are deeply creative pieces about relationships and self-love. The setting of the live recording was a treehouse wonderland imbued with “night chirps.” This spoke well of her taste for ambiance and foresight as to what would connect viewers to her lyrics.

Perhaps greater ambiance-tailored packages are on their way, or maybe even surprises? An announcement of the upcoming Clear 2: Soft Life has propelled the eagerness in question. As the name implies, it’s going to be a follow-up to Clear. In an interview with Billboard, she did assure us that Clear 2 was going to be longer than Clear. Well, merry ol’ fans are on their marks.

4. Life on Earth (EP, 2020)

In July 2020, Walker’s Life on Earth was released. It dwelled heavily on relationships and the toll they tend to take. Her top most-acclaimed tracks were “Let It Go,” “SWV” ft. NO1-NOAH, and “My Affection” ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR. This EP is reputed to have something compatible with every mood, with amalgams of emotions surging across tracks. While giving us emotions, it gave the artist herself her second No. 1 on the Top R&B Albums list. It also worked its way to second on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and eighth on the all-genre Billboard 200. Besides, all five tracks debuted on Hot R&B Songs. “Let It Go” came fifth, “My Affection” sixth, “SWV” eighth, “White Tee” ninth, and “Deeper” tenth. This implied that Summer Walker dominated the first-ten segment of the chart in question.

3. Last Day of Summer (Mixtape, 2018)

This is Walker’s debut mixtape and in fact, project. It came out a year after LVRN and Interscope Records signed her. Its success wasn't mere beginner’s luck- it was largely traceable to talent and drive. This was the very genesis of her indefatigable passion for female-themed projects. Last Day of Summer hit 44 on the Billboard 200 chart, having recorded massive sales in its first week. The single “Girls Need Love” was the star song. It made well-deserved waves and dropped the mic by charting at No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100. A remix would eventually follow, and it would feature the legendary Drake.

2. Over It (Album, 2019)

This is Walker’s debut studio album, most of which was produced by London on da Track, her lover at the time. It reached Rolling Stone‘s 50 Best Albums of 2019, coming 38th. Its applause extended to Complex, Uproxx, and Variety, as it emerged second on AP’s list. Likewise, the 2020 Soul Train Music Awards crowned it Best Album. Also, Apple Music announced it as its most streamed album by a female artist in 2020.

Over It did not hesitate to make and sustain a name on the US Billboard 200. It graced the chart for over 100 weeks. It, on this note, ranked as the second most successful R&B album of 2020. Topping it all was its platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in May 2020.

1. Still Over It (Album, 2021)

This is Walker’s second studio album. The album, housing 20 tracks, is a structured story spanning from August 2019 to October 2021. It’s like a Lemonade of her past relationship with London on da Track. Still Over It was a hands-down successful album, securing emphatic spots on prestigious year-end lists. Twice as significantly, it carved a landmark in the good books of music gurus. It became the highest charting album from a female R&B artist since the release of its fillip-parent: Lemonade. It hit a whopping First Position on the US Billboard 200. More so, the commercial success of this album grew into a record-breaking phenomenon. It raised the bar for most album streams on Apple Music in a single day (by a female artist).

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