Over 20 years ago, Nick Cannon starred in Drumline, a fan favorite that helped spawn a franchise. It’s difficult to envision anyone else other than the media mogul tackling the lead character, but according to T.I., he was also up for the role.

Tip sat down with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay and spoke about the development of his film career. Initially, he was a Rap star immersed in Atlanta’s music scene, which opened him up to lucrative relationships. This included connecting with legendary producer Dallas Austin. At the time, Austin was dabbling in movies, and T.I. wanted in.

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“He was telling me about his first film,” T.I. recalled. “I was always like, ‘Yo bruh, put me in it.’ And he was like, ‘Aight, yeah man. Say less.’ He sent me to go read and I read and they were like, ‘Man, you got to learn how to play the drums.’ And I was like, ‘I could play like I could play the drums.’ They were like, ‘Nah, you gotta learn how.’ I was like, ‘Man, I don’t wanna do that.’

When T.I. seemingly rejected the role, he wasn’t aware that it was for Drumline.

“I just didn’t want to commit myself to it at the time. It wasn’t there,” he further said. “But I read, and I didn’t get it, and that movie went on to be Drumline. Yeah, I was reading for Nick Cannon’s part.”

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Looking back, Tip doesn’t see it as a missed opportunity but as a stepping stone. Additionally, the Rap mogul said he and Cannon joke about the Drumline debacle.

“Look, that opened the door for me to do ATL,” he also revealed. “After I didn’t get the role for Drumline, I went back to Dallas and said, ‘Man, next time, bruh, just give me the role. I ain’t going to read or nothing. Just give me the role.’ And he was like, ‘Cool,’ and he just gave the role for Rashad in ATL.”

“All things happen for a reason. What God got for you can’t no one take from you.”