The impact that women in Rap have on the industry is unprecedented, and Deb Antney has been tracking its progression. As more ladies are staking their claims in Hip Hop, we’re seeing a rediscovered unity—although, there are still moments when internet rifts get the best of them. Antney was instrumental in Minaj’s rise to stardom, and on My Expert Opinion, she spoke about her former client.

“I wanted to put the whole thing together with women,” said Antney. “But everybody always got something to say about the next woman.”

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She also spoke about maturing artists who try to compete with the younger, rising generation.

“Bring these babies up and let them come out!” she added. “Let it keep passing on! What you look like on stage? That’s just as bad as some of these 50-year-old rappers… You’re dated! And you still wanna be up here doing this stuff. There’s other things that you could be into. Bring up somebody else and let them come through.”

Math Hoffa contested that there are rappers who do just that. When Deb asked for an example, Cardi B’s name entered the conversation. The “Up” hitmaker is well-known for partnering with rising artists, especially young women, on collaborations or by giving them shout-outs.

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Cardi is very good when it comes to stuff like that,” said Antney. “She’s very, very good… That’s Cardi!” The conversation drifted to New York rappers having a 10 year stretch when artists weren’t “putting nobody on.”

Antney praised Minaj’s grind, adding that people still don’t know her sacrifices to get where she is. She also touched on Cardi and Minaj’s beef, saying she doesn’t get involved in those discussions.

“I don’t get into that beef sh*t. That’s people. See, the one thing that an artist gotta understand: it costs money to go to war. You don’t wanna spend that money,” said Antney.

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“I hated—I really thought Nicki and Cardi was really gonna lock into each other. They’re two different people. I wanted that so bad. I wanted that bad to see them two get into each other.”

There have been wars of words between Cardi and Nicki, but these days, it seems they actively avoid one another. However, their fanbases have been known to stir the pot, often creating unnecessary viral moments that place both women in an unfortunate spotlight.