Nearly two weeks after the fatal stabbings in Moscow, Idaho left four students dead, detectives are providing another update on their investigation. As TMZ reports, currently, authorities are using video footage – and a lack thereof – to piece together an important story.

Idaho State Police staff Aaron Snell spoke with the outlet. He says his department has been combing for clues into the deaths of Xana, Ethan, Kaylee, and Madison. However, he adds, “What we need people to recognize is that oftentimes what’s not in the video might help us just as much as what is.”

“We can really create that whole picture based on what is there, what isn’t there and be able to follow that through,” the policeman went on to note.

Though he failed to get into the specifics of the ongoing search, some are pondering if Snell could be referring to an absence of potential suspects coming in and out of the crime scene. Currently, the two surviving roommates are not suspects.

As you may recall, they were home as the brutal slayings occurred. It seems they were either asleep at the time of the attack or simply couldn’t hear the carnage unfolding upstairs. Many continue to wonder why their lives were spared, and why it took hours after the crime for police to be contacted.

At this time, detectives are observing videos from both the night before and of the murders. Additionally, they’ve also been seeking clips that might explain the aftermath.

According to Snell, the evidence hunt has been “very successful” so far. Aside from what police have found themselves, they’ve also had countless video tips pouring in.

While this update is certainly a positive one, it’s worth noting that the murder weapon (a Rambo-style combat knife) remains unaccounted for. Interestingly, officials have chosen not to release a motive for the attack as of right now.

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