Side-by-side comparisons don’t get more stark than Tree’s new song and the Chris Brown/Lil Wayne/Busta Rhymes/Diplo track of the same name. The latter’s a crossover smash that features slick dance routines and a spazzy verse from Busta, and the former is soulful, slow and raw. 

Taken from Tree’s upcoming project Trap Genius, the track finds him comfortably in his “soul trap” lane, with his raspy voice contrasting nicely with the angelic vocal sample continually cresting behind him. 

Last week, Tree dropped off a documentary also titled “Trap Genius” that highlighted his hometown — watch that here. The mixtape/album (not sure yet what format it will be) is “due mid/late February 2015,” according to the man’s SoundCloud.

Quotable Lyrics

In jail ’cause they caught with them pistols
You know that I’m comin’ to get ’em out
Up in Atlanta so much I forgot that
We call it the fuckin’ South