“After Paris, our lives are so different. I can’t sleep unless I have four security guards just outside my house,” Kim Kardashian admitted on last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which focused on the Paris robbery she suffered through in October.

Also on the episode, Kris Jenner revealed that something extraordinary happened to her daughter right before the robbery. Jenner believes that the spirit of her late husband, Robert Kardashian, tried to warn Kim about the traumatic break-in.

In the morning before the robbery — which occurred around 3 AM the next night, Kim’s BlackBerry alarm went off at 11 AM. This was remarkable because, according to Kris, “She’s never set her alarm on her BlackBerry ever, the whole time she ever had a BlackBerry.” 

“So, maybe that was a warning for Kim,” deduced Jenner of the seemingly inexplicable alarm.

And if the alarm wasn’t strange enough, that same day also happened to be the anniversary of Robert Kardashian’s funeral. 

“The day of Kim’s robbery was also the anniversary of their dad Robert’s funeral,” explained Kris, “and it’s crazy because we all believe that when you lose somebody really close to us that they still have a way of communicating if you really pay attention.” 

Watch a recap video of last night’s KUWTK episode below.