In a new interview with DJ Vlad, Quentin Miller spoke in detail about working with Drake on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and expressed his feelings regarding the ghostwriting “scandal.”

Miller made it clear that he hates being called a writer (he has rejected the term “ghostwriter” on multiple occasions) and referred to his collaborations with Drake as a “special situation.” He said he and Drake held frequent studio sessions and were “in the same mindset” as far the music. Although he declined to identify which songs from IYRTITL he worked on and appears generally hesitant to discuss certain details, he looks back on his collaborations with Drake in a positive light.

“I don’t know how he wants to portray it, but from my perspective we worked together,” he said. “And it wasn’t a bad thing. It changed my life. It was a great time in my life. It was one of the highlights of my life.”

For Miller, being thrust into the spotlight was a blessing and curse. He wishes people would forget about the ghostwriting controversy and just focus on the music.

“I feel like all the negative shit, like all the shit from last year, it’s unfortunate to me because it clouds a project that I feel like was a strong project,” he said. “Now there’s like a stain on the legacy of that project, but I hope years down the line when it’s all over with, people can just look at that project and say, ‘wow this is a great project.'”

Watch the interview below. This is part 2 of Miller’s interview series with Vlad. In part one, he alleged that Meek Mill’s posse beat him up in Los Angeles.

Quentin Miller

Quentin Miller Details His Working Relationship With Drake