Mac Miller surprised us when it was announced the once independent MC had taken his talents and his imprint to a major label. In fact, he signed a deal reportedly worth $10 million with Warner Bros. He made a brief statement at the time the deal was announced, giving us the following reason: “They have Prince.” 

Now, in an interview with The Fader while backstage at Camp Flog Gnaw, the rapper has expanded on what motivated to go to a major label.

“I think what was for me was, just time to just take a next step, and experience what’s that like,” Mac said. “Doing it on an independent level, and taking it as far as we did, is amazing, so everyone’s like why even do it? I think it just makes sense for where I’m at right now and where I could possibly go. I’d like to just see what’s like to have those resources and have that reach. I don’t want to solely exist on the internet, not that I do, but you know what I’m saying, there’s a whole world out there of things to do that’s not twitter, not Instagram to sell a record.”

After being interrupted mid-interview by ScHoolboy Q, Mac went on to confirm that he’s working on a new album, and that his mixtape Faces was the turning point in order to help him find his direction on the LP.

“I got a little something…it’s what I need to say next. I’m excited to be working on another album, I need to tour again,” he said in closing out the interview.